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We believe in service, period. Regardless of where and in what capacity, we know that if we all contribute in just one small way, find one person, one project, one small step, we can create better communities, better relationships, a better natural world, and better everything.

My Botanical Life is a "for-profit-for-good" business. It is our way to support some of our small steps toward service. 10% of our online learning revenue goes toward our Small Steps projects.


We encourage you to find your small step, pour your heart and actions into that step, and watch the beauty unfold. 

Thank you for joining us!

This sanctuary on the island of the Saõ Miguel is run by our Co-Founder Bethany Joy and her team of local animal lovers. Their mission is to contribute to a world where donkeys and mules live free from suffering and their contributions to humanity are fully valued.

Bethany and Donkeys

This is our kid's project run in both the US and the Azores. The purpose is to provide kids creative opportunities to connect with nature and community and thus become life-long stewards of both. We are working to establish these learning centers in both of our locations and beyond.


The Human Picture Initiative is working to make positive and meaningful contributions to our picture of humanity while inspiring others to do the same. They do this through documentary, retreats, and international learning opportunities

Human Picture Initiative
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