Caroline Nixon
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Caroline Nixon
Your Botanical Printing Teacher

I have been working with textiles and natural dyes for ten years, and ecoprinting for 7. I really enjoy sharing what I have learnt and helping people understand the complex relationship between dye, plant, mordant and cloth.


I teach both face to face and online and have taught in France, Greece, Italy and Portugal as well as my garden studio in Warwickshire UK.

I believe my passion for nature and botanical printing shines through in my teaching and my years of experience with happy participants.




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Ecoprinting, or botanical contact printing, is a magical method of transferring the shape and pigment of leaves onto cloth, to make a permanent image. This is achieved by tightly rolling a bundle of cloth and leaves, and steaming it. Results are very beautiful, often almost photorealistic, and are washable.

When you start ecoprinting, you open the door to a magical world. But it's a world that can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. You see beautiful work posted online, with glowing colours and clear crisp prints, but yours don't turn out like that, and you wonder what the 'secret' is.

Well, I'll let you into a secret - there isn't a secret!


There is knowledge, skills and practice.

Those are the essential ingredients for getting reliable, crisp prints


In this workshop you will receive a thorough introduction to the process, using easily obtained local foliage and will learn what you need to continue this exciting craft at home.

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LOCATION: Agua d'Alto, Saõ Miguel, Azores, Portugal 

TIME: October 15, 2022 9:00-16:00

COST: 125€ - materials and lunch included


In this workshop you will receive a thorough introduction to the process, using easily obtained local foliage and will learn what you need to continue this exciting craft at home.

In the morning you will make samples using several techniques. While they are steaming, we will discuss some of the theory behind the process. Once we have revealed your results, you will choose which effect you would like to aim for in the afternoon session. After lunch you will print a larger piece, using your new skills. This could be either a silk scarf or a raw silk square large enough to make a cushion or bag. While that is steaming, you will learn how to set up to print at home using easily obtainable items that you may already have.

During the session, you will learn how to:

  • ·  Choose suitable fabric

  • ·  Prepare fabric for printing

  • ·  Identify suitable leaves

  • ·  Roll your fabric correctly for good results

  • ·  Understand how the process works

  • ·  Care for your fabric after printing

  • ·  Assemble what you need to print at home

  • ·  Work safely and with respect for the environment


What's Included

  • ·  Sample fabric and a silk scarf or raw silk square

  • ·  The ingredients needed to prepare and print your fabric

  • ·  Lunch and beverages

  • Written information

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This online workshop is the same content of the one day in-person workshop with Caroline and will teach you the techniques you need, give you confidence in your results, and inspire you to take the next steps to begin your botanical printing learning journey. This workshop will be conducted live. Sign up below to receive notification of upcoming workshop dates. 

What's Included

  • Detailed materials list (received upon registration)

  • Approximately 2 hours of video tutorials and extensive text lessons..

  • A comprehensive manual that you can download & print.

  • A free zoom call with your workshop cohort  (there will be options to purchase additional private zoom consultations with Caroline).