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Online Foundation Workshop
with Caroline Nixon

BOOKINGS OPEN: March 1, 2023

COMMENCES: May 1, 2023

ZOOM SUPPORT AVAILABLE:: May - September 2023 

SUPPORT: Monthly Zoom Sessions

COST: $135 USD ( unlimited access)

NOTE: This online workshop qualifies you with the necessary experience to attend a residential workshop. 

Caroline Nixon
Carolin Nixon Collage 2.png

Your Instructor

Caroline Nixon
Your Botanical Printing Teacher

I have been working with textiles and natural dyes for ten years, and ecoprinting for 7. I really enjoy sharing what I have learnt and helping people understand the complex relationship between dye, plant, mordant and cloth.


I teach both face-to-face and online and have taught in France, Greece, Italy and Portugal as well as my garden studio in Warwickshire UK.

I believe my passion for nature and botanical printing shines through in my teaching and my years of experience with happy participants.




Link to a recent interview with Caroline

For a residential retreat in the Azores with Caroline, click here

What is Botanical Printing?

"Ecoprinting is a magical method."

Eco printing, or botanical contact printing, is a method of transferring the shape and pigment of leaves onto cloth, to make a permanent image. This is achieved by tightly rolling a bundle of cloth and leaves, and steaming it. Results are very beautiful, often almost photorealistic, and are washable.


In this online workshop you will receive a thorough introduction to the process, using your local foliage and will learn what you need to continue this exciting craft at home. Some of the video tutorials are even filmed in a real workshop setting - you will feel as if you are attending an in-person workshop!


What This Online Program Covers

  • The materials you will need, and how to prepare them, including finding leaves that will give you great results, wherever you are in the world. What to use when you can't get fresh leaves.

  • Choosing fabrics, including recycled and thrifted ones, and how to prepare them for printing to get the very best results.

  • How to set up your workplace, including working safely in your kitchen if you don't have studio space.

  • Comprehensive and detailed instructions for bundling - lots of video footage of Caroline actually making bundles, telling you exactly what she is doing step by step - and why. No more blurry prints!!!

  • Composition and design

  • Troubleshooting - what went wrong, why, and what to do so it doesn't happen again

  • How long to cook, when to unbundle, how to care for your fabric afterward

  • We will start by making samples, and progress to scarves, and larger pieces suitable for cushions or bags

  • We will be steaming our bundles, not submerging and boiling

  • An emphasis on truly understanding what the leaves and mordants are doing - key to getting good results and moving on to more complex methods

  • We will commence working with iron as our only mordant, in order to fully understand how to work with this, the most crucial of mordants. 

  • Once you've nailed those tight bundles and crisp prints we will add aluminium mordants

  • Different fabrics need different mordants you will learn which mordant to choose, and how to use it

  • With aluminium mordants, you will start to get brighter colours, including vibrant greens, and you will be able to progress to adding natural dyes, to get those gorgeous coloured backgrounds.

  • You will learn how to use blankets or carrier cloths - a vital tool to extend your range of colours and effects

  • Self-paced course, work through the videos when you wish, and return to them as often as you like

  • Monthly zoom meetings for questions and answers. (from May to September) If you are unable to attend, you will be able to submit your questions by email, and the zoom sessions will be recorded for you to view at a time of your choice

Student Work

Class Sample

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