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When you support our work, you are supporting our Wild Arts Learning kids programing while also gaining a 10% return on your support. 

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How it Works

Your one-time support helps us produce a single class. Once your sponsored class is launched, we return that support to you + 10%. This is not an ongoing return, rather a one-time support/return. Example of support: You share 5k and get back $5,500.


How does your support help our kid's programs? My Botanical Life is a "for-profit-for-good" business. We allocate revenue from our fee-based, online, educational content (the classes you are helping to produce) to our Wild Arts Learning kids programs. So, when you support us, you are also supporting our summer camps, weekend camps, and day workshops for kids in our local communities. (If would like to support kids programs directly, please click here).

MBL Business Model:

  • Produce high quality, online classes with qualified teachers who have their own built-in audiences (key for visibility and student acquisition)

  • Revenue share per class (after production expenses): 75% to teacher / 25% to MBL

  • Schedule:

    • Class is launched

    • First revenue covers any unmet production costs

    • Next revenue begins the 25/75% share with teachers

      • Initial 25% MBL share going toward the return of capital support until that amount + 10%  is met.

It's that simple!

Opportunities for 2023/24

Moving Forward

If you would like to proceed and support one of our productions, please email Co-Founder Cina Canada for more information at

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