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In this workshop we’ll explore Shibori from many angles; you will learn several different Shibori techniques.


Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique (traditionally made with indigo) that typically involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding it, then dyeing it in indigo. Whatever is used to bind the fabric will resist the dye, resulting in areas of the cloth that take the distinctive blue dye in patterns created by the resistance, and other areas of the cloth that remain white. Shibori is a very vast technique and there are tons of ways to do it (and a truly infinite number of patterns you can create), and in this class you'll get an in-depth look at several of them. 


The workshop will begin with a demonstration of basic Shibori and an overview of some of the patterns you can create. Then, you'll dye a few small swatches of white fabric to try your hand and get a feel for the technique. You will also learn the history of indigo plantations here in the Azores. We have the option to visit the museum of Sacred Arts in Riberia Cha.

Shibori dyeing is truly an amazing craft, as every piece you dye is a little bit of a mystery. We promise you'll love the process of folding fabric, dyeing it, then unfolding it to reveal the organic results.


Join us for an amazing afternoon of Shibori magic!

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About Anna

Ana Quaresma created fabric lines for the interior and fashion industries in Amsterdam and London. Following her experience with direct dyes, she developed an interest in and proficiency in natural dyeing while studying for her Master's degree in textiles at Central Saint Martins


When she relocated to Lisbon in 2017, she established Oficina de Indigo, where she has lectured Indigo and Shibori in museums throughout the city and the country, as well as in her workshop in "Saloios de Sintra," where she has partnered with artists and designers. She has also established Muxima Beachwear, an organic cotton swimwear line in which she combines her knowledge of the natural dyeing process to market the use of healthier products while addressing a relevant sustainability issue.


  • 5 hour experience 

  • Beautiful farm-to-tble lunch

  • Gourmet snacks

  • Fresh pressed juices

  • Herbal tea bar

  • All supplies needed to make your choice of table runner, silk scarf, cotton bandana, or place mats


111€ Per Person

NOTE: Our workshops can be customized to fit the interests and needs of you and/or your group. Be sure to email with any questions:


April 24-25, 2022 (SOLD OUT)


July / August, 2022 - (Email for dates)

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