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The clean beauty movement is new. Many people are just realizing the power of organic skincare. Your natural and organic beauty routine starts by simplifying - plant and earth based raw ingredients and simple steps is all that is needed to keep our skin happy, healthy, and glowing. 

In this workshop, you will learn about the art of natural and organic skincare/self-care formulations. You will make your own natural skincare, body care, hair care, natural perfume, personal care, and wellbeing products, some from ingredients you may have right in your kitchen. You may be surprised by what everyday foods can double as a DIY rejuvenating face mask!

Join me for a half day of learning  how to do this with your own every-day ingredients and in your own home!

SPECIAL NOTE: Plant-based beauty products are not only kinder to you and your skin, but also to animals. Beauty brands are not required to tell you that they test on animals, so it can be difficult to know whether the products you purchase are actually ethical or not (side note: If you love animals, please check out our Donkeys and Friends project of the Azores).

PRE WORKSHOP REQUIREMENT: Prior to attending a workshop, please send me any known allergies or ingredient aversions. Each recipe will be adapted to suit your personal mind, body, and soul needs. We will also formulate your products according to your skin type and the environment in which you live., and pre-test all ingredients for allergens prior to making a product.

To begin our time together...

Details coming soon...



Details coming soon...



Details coming soon...


Products you will produce in this workshop

- Facial cleansing Oils, Serums & Herbal Steams
- Facial Masques
- Body Exfoliating Scrub
- Hand and foot scrub
- Hair Masks & Oil Treatments
- Massage Oils with essential oil

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