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My background is in documentary film and media production. I spent the majority of my early career traveling the world documenting people and places for various non-profit organizations, covering disaster and humanitarian crisis response, learning how to observe and share stories. For personal outlet and creativity, I created the Human Picture Initiative - a purpose-driven project working to make positive and meaningful contributions to our picture of humanity through media and hosting international experiences. Years into the HPI project, I knew that I also needed something to feed my love for creating, serving and sharing in the natural world. Building on my experiences and education in travel, herbalism, botanical arts, growing, natural wellness and movement practices, I cultivated, worked, inched and shaped with my co-creator Bethany what would eventually take root as My Botanical Life. Together, we have realized a beautiful outlet to both create and be of service. I've been exploring my own botanical life for more than 20 years and am honored for the opportunity to help others create and explore their own. Thank you for allowing us to share what we love to do and for letting us support you in YOUR BOTANICAL LIFE!


From a young age, I understood the connections that people have with the natural world that surrounds us. So, it was no surprise then at five years old I already knew that I wanted to make a difference in animal and human life here on Earth. During my university years in Northern Queensland, I completed a double major in biology and botany with a focus on wildlife conservation. I found that I was happiest when rescuing an animal, or returning a lost pet to their heartbroken family. I loved the sciences and also became passionate about what was really in our food, personal care and home cleaning products. I started studying anything I could find about living a “greener and cleaner” life. ​ When I discovered a naturopathic science program in Brisbane, it was as if I had found a new personal mission. If I want to truly help the animals of this world, I must first learn to help the humans. After eight years living and studying in Australia, I had found a path to once and for all meld my natural ability and desire to care for others, my interest in holistic medicine, and nature. ​ Then, my life story had another chapter that came unexpectedly after all my studies. It was a personal adventure that would teach me valuable lessons to help me in all of life’s challenges; face the fears and do it anyway! That’s right, I hopped on a sailing boat to overcome my fear of the wildly strong oceans and seas. After 10+ years sailing around the world, learning, adapting, and observing earth’s diversity, I found it was time to ground and grow my own roots. The Azores was a place that I had passed by numerous times crossing the Atlantic Ocean. So, my husband and I bought land, built a home, began to establish ourselves in a community that greeted us with open arms and full smiles, and I started a small donkey sanctuary! We had found our place to call home. My most recent adventure of finding my place to call home and building community here in the Azores has truly become the culmination of a lifelong adventure of trying to put together all the puzzle pieces along my journey. I am grateful to have achieved my lifelong dream and honored by the trust placed in me, not only by my animals but also by my community. I treasure the long-term relationships that I develop with both as we work together to ensure that the donkeys we all love receive the best care possible and are always treated with kindness, compassion and respect. Nature is awesome! After all these years, I still am always learning and improving my ability to help make a difference in the world we live in. What better way to spend your life than doing something you love with others who feel the same way! I think the absolute best part of my life is that I get to make a difference every single day. That’s why I do what I do.

Bethany Joy Azores Donkeys Botanical Life Nature Arts Wellness Retreats Workshops Online Learning
My Botanical Life Nature Arts Herbs Wellness Retreats Workshops Online Learning

We commit to being POP Certified. (Our own "certification" that stands for Purpose Over Profit). ​Our purpose? We follow the Human Picture Initiative mission to "make positive and meaningful contributions to our picture of humanity" in all that we do. If you want to learn more about the ways in which we do that, check out our Small Steps page. ​Now, let's be clear; we are definitely focused on being profitable so we can stay in business! However, being profitable does not mean we must sacrifice our focus on purpose first. Our company is guided by our strong personal ethics, values and mission to put our purpose first and let that guide our decisions for making our business profitable.


We are committed to sourcing the ingredients for our products, classes and events with the most responsible standards we know. ​We work with local growers, buy from suppliers who are aligned with our mission, vision and values, and do our best to use only methods we are proud to be accountable for. This is not always an easy task. Please share with us any ways in which you see we can improve upon our commitment so we can continue to learn and grow.

My Botanical Life Nature Arts Herbs Wellness Retreats Workshops Online Learning
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