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We explore the allure and versatility of plants and other earth elements in art, beauty, and wellness, based on traditional practices, infused with contemporary aesthetic and use. 


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Join us for beautifully crafted, in-person workshops that are designed to give you unforgettable, high-quality learning experiences in both of our locations: Saõ Miguel island in the Azores and Springfield, MO in the US..


Our passionate, experienced teachers will equip and inspire you to take what you learn and keep exploring at home. These are perfect getaways to gather with like-minded people, make new friends, have fun, and be filled with creativity!


If you are unable to join our in-person workshops, don't worry! We have options for you.

Sign up below to get alerts for our Video Learning Library. We have both free and fee-based opportunities available. 

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My Botanical Life proudly sponsors the Wild Arts Learning project. This nature-based, kid-centric project hosts a variety of workshops and programs throughout the year.

Investing in our young people, creating opportunities for them to connect with the natural world and get inspired to learn and express their own creativity is a priority for us. 

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